Technical Design Concepts (616) 233-2550

Technical Design Concepts (616) 233-2550

Adhesive application / Robotic

Electro chemical de-burr

Leak testers

Robotic spot-weld cells

Adhesive application / special

End of arm tooling

Loaders / un-loaders

Roll form secondary process


Ergonomic assembly tables

Manual Mig-welders

Rotary dial systems

Air gage automation

Fabric wrapping technology

Material handling

Servo slides

Air impingement bonding

Fast-Riv systems

Mig Welders


Alum or Steel Manual weld

Fatigue test cells

Multi-fastener applicators

SMC Bonders

Auto heat treat

Ferris wheel systems

Orbital Riveters

SMC cooling fixtures

Auto stacking systems

Fixed torch Mig-welders

Packaging equipment

SMC Drill fixtures

Automated inspection

Flying cut off

Pal nut assembly systems

SMC hole punch cells

Automated nut runners

Flexible assembly systems

Parts washing systems

Sonic welders


Foam in-pace molding

Plasma cut cells

Special machining dials

Bowl fed assembly cells

Food processing

Palletized conveyor lines

Steel bonding

C Frame presses

Hard automation weld cells

Plastic part punches

Test stations

CNC prototypes

Heat staking

Pressure tesing

TIG welders

CNC holding fixtures

Hot oil or Heat cart. bonding

Projection nut welders

Vision systems / robotic

Custom saw applications

Hot plate welding

Projection stud welders

Walking beam transfers

De-burr equipment

Hydraulic Presses

Prototype welding

Wash down cells

De-flash equipment

Hydro piercing

Resistance weld H-frame

Water Jet cell

De-gate equipment

Insert tooling

Rivet machines

Wing Benders

Dial assembly tables

Large transfer machines

Robot welded prototypes

XYZ custom routers

Drill centers

Laser cut cell

Robotic Mig Weld Cell

XYZ Pick and place gantry